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Re: Who was the most hated character among fans while DS9 was airing?

Agree with that. Winn was someone you could love to hate because she was realistic. (The same was true for Dukat for a long time until they turned him into the space Antichrist, because the realism went, the individuality went.)
Personally I liked Julain right from the start, even though apparently I wasn't "meant" to (I think the writers intended for the audience's reactions to him to mirror those of O'Brien). I also liked Rom right away. His stupidity had a quality about it that was far too endearing to make him annoying. (Also it later turned out he's amazingly clever in certain things - the idiot savant.)

I couldn't stand Ezri, not because the actress is doing a bad job or the character is inherently unlikeable, but just because she was a bad replacement for Jadzia. I think they should've been courageous enough, having killed off a main character, to simply let her death stand as is. Also didn't like Zek, because of all the Ferengi he was the one who came out too much on the wrong side of caricature.
Plus is there anyone else who thinks that that damned singing hologram was really unnecessary?
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