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Re: Bieber hopes Anne Frank would have been a fan

Shaka Zulu wrote: View Post
Doing all of this on your part (Mirrorball Man) will be a lot better for you than engaging in a daily Two Minutes Hate session against a pop artist simply because they`re more popular than you`d like them to be.
Thank you for your help, Shaka Zulu. I'm sure it's well-meant.

I think I have a very healthy relationship with music, however, and I have to admit that I'm a bit puzzled to find out that for some reason, you think that I hate Justin Bieber. I don't.

Really, I don't think I've said anything along those lines, nor have I said anything that could lead you to think that I find him more popular than he deserves. The only claims I've made is that he is immensely popular (which he is), which means that whatever he says has quite a lot of impact (which it does). I also claimed that he was "spectacularly dim-witted", and though I'll admit that it's open for debate, I'm reasonably sure that I could make a convincing case for it.

That's all I've said: Justin Bieber is famous, and he is stupid, and that's an explosive combination. I haven't said or implied anything about his music or my personal tastes. So, thanks again for chiming in, but I guess it would have been more interesting had you tried to talk to me, rather than to the preconceived image you have of some people who kinda sound like me.
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