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Re: If Warp Drive were Possible...

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The galaxy is so ridiculously big they could have missed us. Or there could be a civilization on a million planets with FTL drive, but 50 galaxies away.

Not only that, but we're located on the periphery of the Milky Way Galaxy... If the navigation of advanced space vessels uses linear movement, then we're just WAY too far away to even bother exploring. There's just far too many habitable planets within closer reach to existing sentient life to even trouble with sending a probe all the way out to our location.

Even still... there are some people who wholeheartedly believe we've been visited by extra terrestrial crafts. Maybe we have. But by the time any useful information will have made it back to their place of origin, we'll have long been extinct (sadly, the odds are very much against us).

The ONLY way we could be on ANY alien life's radar scope of interest, is if they can fold space and travel to almost anywhere in the universe at will in reasonably short time periods (relative to their lifespans). Based on how physics works, I see that as a 0.01% chance of being true.

It's easy to fall back on "well, 100 years ago people thought [X] was impossible and today we have [X], so there." Well sure, when looking at the pragmatic progression of technology. We have made enormous strides in a very short period of time. But, there isn't even the slightest indication that the laws of astrophysics can be stretched or significantly altered. Those laws limit speed, even with engines far more powerful than we've even imagined as yet. Distance is our key obstacle. We're too far away from any sentient life.

Our imaginations are TERRIFIC at surpassing those laws in fantasy scenarios, and when people who enjoy sci-fi become so FAMILIAR with these imagined capabilities, it's easy to believe we can do anything. We can do a lot... but we CANNOT change the fundamental laws of physics. We're stuck out here on the periphery of it all. Sad, but miserably true.

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