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First World Problems

So this is my most lamest ever first world problem:

At the end of last winter my heater had some huge problem and I got repair guy out to fix it. He charged me 80.00 to do this and when he was done he whipped out his trusty Carbon Monoxide tester and informed me that the heater had FAILED. But, don't worry, we weren't all brain damaged from blasting the thing all winter long, it's just that accepted government rate for monoxide exuding from home heaters was now 0% and my .01% reading meant he had to rip the guts out of the thing to make it unusable BY LAW and how would I like to pay the 80.00. So 1080.00 later I had a new heater. And tonight it was finally cold enough to turn it on.

I have been sitting in the same seat to watch the telly since I moved into this house, sitting in the same seat MY SEAT sucking down the carbon monoxide because this seat is facing the heater and that's why it's my seat, because it is the warmest. Well tonight I popped in a movie I hadn't seen in years (Igby Goes Down, mysteriously Sarandon has become hot since I last watched this ?!) and settled in front of the glorious heat and.. wtf. The fan is now on bottom of the new heater and all the freaking air is blasting into my face!! It is horrible. It is actually blowing hot air like a jet at me in my personal warmest seat and has now rendered my seat unusable. Yes actually unusable. So unusable that no one else will ever want to sit in this seat during the winter and I will be reduced to fighting over the other seats like a common child.

So what's your dumbest first world problem. Please, no posting about your terminal illness, this is for shallow people only.

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