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Re: PSY Gentleman. Will it be an international hit?

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It's quite OK (mother father gentleman *.*) but is not as iconic as Gangnam Style, and the video, while fun is a bit of a cheap rehash.
You mean like.. the ELEVATOR?!
It will probably do well but it won't get to anywhere near the same level of remembrance (like Eiffel 65 and Aqua have other hits but no-one remembers anything aside from Blue and Barbie Girl).
Hey I have ALL of Aqua and I remember everything, EVERY DAMN THING.
I can live with this, I'm just really waiting for proper K-Pop to break through internationally, dammit.
I'm doing my best posting my Kpop ass off. People, they will listen eventually. The real mystery to me is how people can love 80's pop (which is great) and yet turn their nose up at 21st century pop. Luddites


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