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Re: Uh-Oh!! Is Microsoft setting up to answer Sony?

^^Yeah i dont think anybody really believes that always on line is there to stop piracy anymore, it's there to control the softwear you buy and what you do with it, it has no real advantage to the consumer other than possibly a few seconds quicker loading times from a HDD rather than optical media, but in one fell swoop it kills the second hand games market stone dead, and you are basically paying full retail price to rent your games until they decided to turn off the servers.

I gave simcity a go and although the game itself is ok and no doubt with patches will be a good game, the issues i have had of late with losing connection both on their and my end, and my saves game not being avalible, not syncing or having to be rolled back due to connection issues, has made it simply frustrating and i have given up on it.

I dont know if the new xbox will indeed come with a always on line, but i for one will be steering clear in future of anything requiring this kind of drm, i cant be bothered with the hassle of it, and thses days i dont play much online, give me a good single player story anyday, that new tomb raider game there was awesome, and i did not fire up the mutiplayer once and had no desire to do so.

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