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Re: MLB Season Discussion - 2013

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It's important to remember that we're only two weeks into the season: Small sample size, my friends. At this time last year, Bryan LaHair had a 1.119 OPS.
I pretty much said that but yes. I'm wondering if we already had the best years out of McCann. His problems with his vision and frequent time on the DL is making me lean towards moving him while we still can. I think he's got a few good years left but I think he would still be attractive to American League teams.

It is a small sample size but I don't think Gattis is going to regress all that much. He doesn't have the approach of a green rookie. He doesn't bite on stuff that most rookies go for and he has a tremendous eye for the plate. He makes contact, usually very strong contact and hits to all parts of the field. So far so good.
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