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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

Well I have to admit though, while I didn't quite agree with everything post Marvel NOW - at least they lived up to their premise of a new jumping on point that wasn't a reboot, the only problem is - some of the stories just aren't that interesting or the things that made some books awesome were the creative teams so to have them hurry hurry rush rush get their storylines wrapped up before the relaunches - other than say the X-Titles just kind of ... killed some of the momentum.

FF and Fantastic Four - had an interesting premise but honestly - after a handful of issues I just kind of don't feel like they're worth the money to buy individually anymore. Same with Iron Man - the art's pretty - they finally got off Fraction's frickin' annoying alcoholic storylines - which was boring me to tears - it was one thing to mention it after Tony had his little drinky poo with Odin in Fear Itself - it's a whole other frickin' thing to KEEP. AT. IT. FOR A YEAR! And honestly I really dislike the whole AA mentality of "I'm an alcoholic, I'm an alcoholic, I'm powerless to change that, but I'm not drinking." which seems like opposite what a frelling SUPER HERO should be. He beat his real addiction in like a handful of issues and stayed sober until a massive trauma and then beat it again and stayed sober for years and years and years - I mean the last time he was a stumbling drunk in 616 was in the mid 80s. So really for MOST OF SOME PEOPLE'S LIVES he was clean and sober.

And yet everyone remembers him as a drunk.

So it's nice to see a Tony that's a bit more RDJ and actually kind of moving past all that and inventing and adventuring - honestly the first arc of Iron Man was pretty damn good to me - it wasn't great - but it felt like reading old school Iron Man again. He was hitting on anythng with breasts, he was making cool stuff again. He wasn't whining or wallowing in self pity. He wasn't talking in sort of weird disjointed sentences. I mean I think Fraction took his whole "brain reboot" thing as brain damage and just made him really social awkward. Like he had Aspbegers-lite. Or he really didn't give two fucks about anyone - which in some ways is "classic Tony" and in other ways it really isn't.

I'm still not convinced about the whole space arc - especially when you still see Tony in the black and gold suit in Avengers and other comics. I mean when the hell is that arc supposed to be taking place? When he's out in space with the GotG and yet you still see him flitting around in the black and gold?

Uncanny Avengers - I liked it for the first couple issues - but really I dunno - it feels awkward. Weird story directions. Kind of out of character dialogue. And some really brutal and sick shit - like cutting out Xavier's brain and "melding it" with Red Skull - WTF? I mean seriously? I don't think the brain works quite that way. Where you just shove some DEAD GUY'S brain into your head. Not to mention it was pretty sick - granted he's a super villan - but still. And the fact that he's got professor x's telepathy on a massive scale?? His power was his brain sure - but uhm. Red Skull wasn't a mutant either. So how the fuck does that work?

My thought is that they just did some sciency thing and he's using that Sublime made KICK or MGH again and X's brain is just in a bottle somewhere - which is still kind of lame.

I dunno the longer I read Marvel NOW the more I'm questioning its focus - sure there are some great stories coming out of it - some of the X-Titles honestly are pretty good. But I wonder if the reason why they're putting all the AVSX and Marvel Now stuff on the Marvel Unlimited service is because people are starting to drop the titles and they need new readers to maybe get sucked in that they'll buy the newer stuff again.

I dunno... although honestly why would anyone buy the individual copies if I know in less than six months it'll be on the service for less than 10 bucks a month and I can read everything I WANT
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