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Re: Morrisey: 'Margret Thatcher did not give a shit about people'

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They should have had Straight to Hell for the single Mick Jones needs the cash more.
We don't make anything in the UK anymore because of Thatcher
Can you provide some factual information confirming that the UK now has zero manufacturing?

From the Guardian:

Perceived wisdom is also that manufacturing disappeared under Thatcher. If so, it was something that had already started. In 1970, manufacturing accounted for 20.57% of UK GDP. By 1979 that was down to 17.62% of GDP. By the time she left office, that decline had continued - albeit at a slightly slower pace, down to 15.18%. Now it is much lower, according to the ONS - down to 9.68% in 2010
So whilst manufacturing delined during her time in office, it actually declined more in the 9 years before she came to office.
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