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Re: Captain America: The Winter Soldier pre-release thread

Yeah it showed up in the pre-Heroes reborn continuity I think when he was "on the run" from the government with Sharon Carter in some kinda "Cap without a Country" storyline. I think that was the first time we saw an energy shield. Although I do believe USAgent used an energy shield similar to it before in the old Force Works comic

Then actually not too long after Heroes Reborn - Cap lost his original SHIELD in the ocean fighting someone, so he actually went back to using a replica of his original triangular shield for a while, but then subsequently after that turned out to be a real POS, he started using the energy shield pictured in the cover above until Rhodey salvaged his shield from the bottom of the ocean - this was after Rhodey stopped being War Machine for all of like a couple of years and got into Marine salvage (WTF lol) THEN Cap's shield disintegrated because of some Vibranium flaw in the shield, which actually subsequently caused ALL Vibranium to go wonky and start to like randomly explode on contact. Which all went back to a time at the end of the original Secret War comic in the mid 80s - when Cap's shield was busted up somehow, he used some kind of "good thoughts machine" that let him recreate the shield from the parts - but that machine put in some kind of flaw by accident which took years to show itself - they like blew up a mountain of Vibranium and focused KLAW's energy into the parts of the shield and somehow it magically repaired itself.

Then obviously when Cap "died" and Bucky became Cap and took the shield - Steve let him keep it and just used the old energy shield because well, hey dude needs his shield I guess. And... of course said shield was destroyed... again. In the Fear Itself storyline- and then Tony Stark reforged it with some Uru the Asgardians had lying around and now it's stronger than ever alledgedly but it still had a big ass scar on the front which Cap said 'keep there, gives the old girl some character' - a big ass scar on the disk which like NO ONE remembered to pencil in. So... yeah that's more than anyone needs to know about Cap's shields.
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