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Re: Blake's 7 given the go ahead by Syfy

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^Yes, he went to their world as one of Dayna's tutors. Dayna clearly had a thing for older men.

The one episode that I really have a hard time watching is "The Web." The screeching Cabbage Patch (literally) kids are so laughable, as in the floating alien in the jar. "Animals" is lame, but "The Web" is just torturous.
Yeah I think it's a toss up which is the worst episode.

I didn't mind Gan's limiter, they just didn't often do much with it. I like the fact that he wasn't really a natural killer anyway, he'd only killed because people murdered his woman. I think what Gan proves is that having an actual Seven might be a step too far, and I hope we don't end up with a situation where Gan/Villa/Cally end up with Reed/Mayweather/Hoshi levels of nothing to do!

I also hope that Blake is some kind of Academic/bureaucrat and I sincerely hope we don't get:

"He was Jack Blake, the Federations top solider, until they klilled his wife. Big mistake..."

I'd be tempted to do something interesting with Servalan/Travis (assuming they even have them in it) and maybe switch their roles a little, play with the established dynamic and have Travis as the grizzled senior officer and Servalan his manipulative underling...then have that dynamic slowly shift as Travis' continual failure to stop Blake sees his star wane whilst Servalan's is in asscendence. In fact I'd even go so far as to have Servalan occasionally using Blake to advance her own position, in fact you could even suggest that Blake is seen as a positive thing by the Federation as it gives the people an enmey and gives them a reason to crack down further.

I can't imagine what B7 would have been like if Vila had died in Pressure Point!
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