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Re: XCOM: Enemy Unknown

The other day I finally finished my game off. The final mission was a little goofy. First I was confused because I couldn't advance through some doors. Then I finally found a couple of Sectoids lurking in the dark after which I could move on. Then my Psychic dude was the first to die. Which apparently is game-ending. That threw me off. But it let me restart the level.

Went through it all. Really screwed up the very end... it came down to two of my guys bleeding out, two under mind control, and a rocket + 2 sniper rounds to take down the 'boss'. I thought I had died anyway but I guess the support troops just evaporate? Then the ending got super weird because all the sound except for the voices got cut down to like 5%, so all I could hear was bad voice acting. It played a little better when I looked it up on YouTube. I loaded up the final save again and immediately failed to replicate my victory (before I just went to YouTube), but it still allows you to restart. Seems kind of strange for Ironman but I guess I won't complain too much since it saved me the first time (though it is a bit unfair to require a particular soldier to survive and not to tell you.

I booted up impossible difficulty. And uhh, 2-3 tries I couldn't even get close to beating the first mission. The sectoids aim better than my soldiers. They have better weapons. There are more of them. And they no longer die to a single grenade? Ugh. Why?!? So I might just be done with the game, but it was a really fun ride, and here's hoping there's a sequel.

I have the old XCOM games purchased from Steam, maybe I'll give them a try, but after glancing at the UI I think I need to find the instruction book somewhere I'm thinking.
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