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Spock jokes about the attempted rape on Janice Rand, as sexism rears its ugly head in the original series.
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II also believe that Roddenberry's original concept for Rand was that she would have a fairly close friendship with Spock, which might have made his teasing of Janice slightly less creepy in the Enemy Within.
If Spock and Rand were close personal friends, then Spock could have made the comment he did about the second Kirk having some interesting qualities, and in response receive a "oh really" look from Rand. People will accept biting humor from a close friend, that they never would from anyone else.

Rand obviously took it as a joking tease from a good friend, and maybe one she needed at that point.

Spock is fully away that she's attracted to Kirk and that Kirk is attracted to her. She knows that Spock knows. Evil Kirk was willing to act on that attraction. So her withering stare and disapproving pout are her way of saying, "You're my superior officer and we're on the bridge so I can't say what I really think and you know I can't." I think if we'd seen more of her character develop, we would have seen a closer relationship with Spock like the scene where she and Uhura tease him in Charlie X (preferably not more scenes exactly like that one though!). I would have preferred to see more scenes with Spock in the episodes we have rather than concentrating on her and Kirk, which is another reason why losing her before the Galileo 7 was a shame. In some respects, too much Rand and Kirk was the character's downfall.
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