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Re: Sternbach blueprints question

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*Huff puff* Ah, made it. Yeah, I was heavily involved with a "part work" project for DeAgostini Japan, wherein subscribers would get, for plunking down something like $1500, 100 issues of tech data, crew facts, empty binders, blueprints, and ship model parts including a lighting kit. Hugely ambitious, but failed to take off, so to speak.
Thatīs interesting...because there was almost exactly something like (but no model parts) that here in Germany somewhen in the 90s / late 90s. Huge binders, monthly issues...beautiful fold outs. I used to buy them for a while back then...but I think they were either discontinued after a while or my local train station magazine store stopped having them...donīt remember. (back then most Star Trek Fan media was only available at those little train station shops for some reason)
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