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Re: Quantum slipstream drive questions

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2) I seem to recall Seven saying the quantum slipstream drive is similar to Borg transwarp. Perhaps the Vesta-class was a transwarp concept design, modified to use the working slipstream drive and then built.

Considering that by 2381, there were already a few Vesta class starships out there, I also find it hard to believe they started design and construction on a vessel that was going to have not only QSD but also some other advanced tech needed to make QSD work, AFTER Voyager's return in late 2377. So I also think the Vesta was already being build. Either for transwarp, or the new design just happened to work a lot better for QSD then anything Starfleet had sofar.
However, since it's been established that not all starship designs work for QSD, and that Starfleet had 6 different starship designs that are QSD capable (Voyager refit, Vesta's, Galen, Achilles, Demeter and the Merian class) only months after the Borg invasion, I can't help but wonder how Starfleet pulled that off.
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