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Re: Anyone here who HATES "in the pale moonlight"

The thing about Roddenberry's 'No conflict' edict is that it barred the writers from laziness. Interpersonal conflict can be great, but only if it's original, character driven interpersonal conflict. The 'Roddenberry box' took away a crutch and forced the writers to be creative.

And the DS9 writers were very creative in general, but not when it came to interpersonal conflict. When Worf came aboard and had difficulty accepting that Odo was security chief and not him, that was lazy, and it turned out to be a very bad episode that made Worf look more like a pathetic child than a Starfleet officer.

DS9 was at it's best when it wasn't focusing on interpersonal conflict among the cast. When DS9 had interpersonal conflict is when the cast seemed the most like spoiled children.
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