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Re: Melinda Snodgrass was seriously underrated

While not a big TNG fan, I AM a big fan of Ms Snodgrass' work on the show. I would LOVE to see her version of the terrorist show (was it THE HIGH GROUND?)

FWIW, it was a version of the american revolution on another world, but with the Enterprise follks coming to realize they were playing the british while the Romulans were the French ... in essence we are the bad guys in the show. Compare that to what we got!

Berman really was kind of snarky in his comments about her in CFQ magazine, dismissing all of her (pretty darn valid) criticisms of the show as sour grapes for not being invited back. Not being invited BACK!? Some revisionist history was going on from the git-go, apparently. Then again, her comment regarding TPTB on TNG, in the Ellison book about CITY, was something like beware men who are more concerned with how they are remembered in history than for doing what is right (just paraphrasing; it may be this was her comment in OMNI as well, or close to it.)

I remember her saying she wanted to do a show that was a cross between the crew of NOSTROMO from ALIEN and Solo on MILLENNIUM FALCON. Now THAT really sounded like the best of both worlds to me, and it is a damn shame it never happened.

Have a feeling she'd've really been at home on DS9 in mid-to-late run ... also wish she'd been able to write for FIREFLY.
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