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And despite Mr. Fandango's still bizarrely angry comments about the people who suggested it as an explanation, I specifically said multiple times that the show wouldn't actually follow the laws of physics like the showrunners claimed even when things were finally explained (see the first link above). I said it would be a piecemeal hybrid of scientific terms, pseudoscience, and pure magic just like Lost.
Why should I give a damn what some random person on the Internet said on a message forum? My "anger" was aimed at the actual people who matter and what they said, and that's the brunt of what I've had to say on the subject. Your words/predictions had/have/will have absolutely no meaning or weight whatsoever despite your apparently lofty opinion of yourself.

So yay, you guessed it would be magic just like everyone else with half a brain did. Good for you. In no way, shape, or form does that not mean the showrunners didn't blatantly lie to us, nor is that an excuse to forgive them for being so full of shit. Especially considering the "quality" of the show. If it were good or compelling, it could at least be forgiven. I just wanted to stick with it long enough to see if they'd surprise me by actually living up to their bullshit.
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