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Re: Organia and the Prime Directive

Yet, note the differences in exchanges Between Kirk and Ayelborne in EoM and Kirk and Septimus in Bread and Circuses.

Ayelborne: You are visitors. Welcome, welcome. I am Ayelborne.
Kirk: I am Captain James T. Kirk of the Starship Enterprise, Representing the United Federation of Planets, This is my First officer Mr. Spock.

Now Here Kirk makes no attempt to hide who and what he is from a "so-called primitive culture and not only does he do so but he does so fully expecting Ayelborne to understand all the concepts of Other worlds, space flight etc.... in a culture that is visibly on a bar with 11th or even 12th Century Earth whereas in Breads and Circuses we see this conversation...

Kirk: Perhaps you heard,let's say an impossible story, or a rumor, of men who came from the sky, or from other worlds.
Septimus: there are no "other" worlds.
Kirk: The stars!
Septimus: Lights. Shining through from Heaven. It is where the Sun is. Blessed be the Sun

Now Kirk makes no attempt to correct him on this of course (thereby obeying the PD) However, it's interesting to note that these Worshippers of the Sun (or Son as it turns out) not only are a Pre-Warp and in fact Pre-Space travel civilization but they also have absolutely no intention of recognizing even the existence of any world outside of their own! Despite the fact that this world is more closely developed to Earth in the 20th Century and would (at the level of development they were at) have been far more receptive in most cases of accepting the idea that they were not the center of the universe. (I mean, there had to be some astronomers on that planet!)
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