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Re: E-Books or Paper Books

tomswift2002 wrote: View Post
Afro, I would have to say that there's even less of a difference between the price of a new book in ebook or paperback format. It's closer to about fifty cents.
JD wrote: View Post
For the Nook most of the new paperbacks are the exact same price, and the Nook versions of new hardcovers tend to be about $3-$4 less.
I was just going by my experience as a Canadian Kobo user. To use the recent Trek books as an example, the Chapters list price is CA$9.99, and the price in the Kobo store is CA$8.99.

But yes, to be fair, if you are a Chapters iRewards member and you buy the paperback at Chapters' website (5% discount), then you pay CA$9.49, and the difference is fifty cents. And if you buy the paperback in-store (10% discount), then you pay CA$8.99, and the price is the same as the eBook version.
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