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Re: A New Star Trek Show Will Need a Stronger Focus on Characterizatio

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DS9 used all its characters, but most of them were not particularly likeable. That's the main reason to avoid that model.
Breaking Bad is filled with unlikable characters and it was still a success. Unlikable characters can be fine, as long as they're interesting.
Unlikeable characters are practically mandatory on cable/streaming now, and since there's no chance a Trek series would be made solely for broadcast (assuming broadcast even survives long enough), then the next series is most likely going to follow suit in that regards.

None of the Trek series will be used as a model. They are too far in the rear-view mirror. The TV business has moved on and the new successful genre series - Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead - are more likely to be models because they are the closest you can get nowadays to sic fi/cult audience stuff, and they are successful right now, not ten or twenty or fifty years ago.

So there will be more sex, lots more violence and gore, political machinations, backstabbing characters, adult themes, etc. More serialization and more attention to characterization than even DS9. No more Ferengi comedies and romances of the week. Sounds good to me.
I think one of the biggest issues with pre-2009 Trek was that it had begun to take itself way too seriously and had stopped becoming fun for anyone other than diehard Trekkies. It had become more inaccessible than accessible to a larger audience. A new Trek series probably will be very much like the Abrams movies in tone and will have no more sex, violence, etc., than those. And yes, there probably will be periodic comedic and romance episodes, although they probably won't feature Ferengi...maybe.
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