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Re: Children's scifi and fantasy: an appeal to your collective memory

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-The first is a science fiction novel about a kid finding a space ship near where he lives, if I remember correctly. I think he might end up helping to repair it or something, but I could be off on that. This one would have been published in the early 90's at the latest, but probably earlier. Not much info, I know...
I've been trying to remember a similar story but have bugger all memories just I know I enjoyed it! The one I read would've likely been in the late 80s or early 90s, and the guy did go into space, with a couple of his mates.

I have the vague memory of the word 'topaz' in the title (or prominently in the story) but that's all.

I spent ages trying to remember another story about a little girl in a valley who survived a nuclear war but her peace is shattered when a man in a survival suit walks into town, soooo relieved when I remembered it ('Z for Zachariah').
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