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Re: A New Star Trek Show Will Need a Stronger Focus on Characterizatio

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Of course an animated series for kids would follow entirely different rules. in that case, it would be like The Clone Wars.
Personally, I'd prefer an animated series to a live-action one, with a focus not on action and space battles, but exploration and character. Something like LOST, complete with Lost-style flashbacks of a character in each episode where we learn their histories, what makes them who they are today, how they ended up in Starfleet and how they each ended up on the Enterprise.

Crew beams to the planet surface to rescue survivors.

Kirk: McCoy, check 'em out.
McCoy runs his medical tricorder on a few survivors. He stops short when he gets to a young lady. His eyes widen.
Kirk: Bones. Bones, what is it?
Young Woman (to McCoy): Hello, father.

Angle on McCoy then--


McCoy at Joana's birth.

Hey, why not? It could work.
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