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Re: Countdown to Darkness - Review and Discussion

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^ I'm glad that they came to that realization. I dropped after the first arc, based on "Where No Man Has Gone Before", which I felt was a a big "meh". I didn't care to read more like that. Maybe I'll give the title another look post-Darkness. That the would seem to be a good point to jump on.
I've suggested to people that they give the Tribbles story a try. I forget the issues, might be #11 and #12, but it's in the third collected volume along with the redo of "The Return of the Archons." "The Truth About Tribbles" was fun, in an entirely different way than "The Trouble With Tribbles." (Though David Gerrold received a credit for "Trouble" in "Truth," there's nothing in common between the two stories except for the Tribbles.)

The fourth volume has "The Redshirt's Tale" (a look at life aboard the Enterprise from the redshirts' perspective) and the Mirror Universe story.

As for jumping into the monthly comic, yeah, "After Darkness" looks like a good jumping-on point.
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