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Re: VOY Caption Contest 106; Returning to the Fold

Janeway: Tea? TEA? WHY????
Sulu: It's not just tea. It's Tea-kei. Ha ha ha.
Sulu: Ohhhhh myyyyy.
Tuvok: Humans are stupid.

Neelix: Good morning, Mr. Vulcan! Try some of my special Vulcan juice.
Tuvok: Leave now or die.
Neelix: But... but... I made it out of authentic Vulcan ingredients! You have to try it!
Tuvok: What sort of ingredients might those be?
Neelix: Errrr....Vulcans.
Tuvok: You disgust me, Mr. Neelix.
Neelix: I love you.
Tuvok: Die.

Tom: This is pretty cool, holding these guns.
Chakotay: Me too! I actually feel like I'm part of the plot!
Tom: These guns aren't really guns, Chakotay.
Chakotay: I know...but...
Tom: You're not really part of the plot, Chakotay.
Chakotay: Dammit.

Zimmerman: Hmm... according to my scans...the EMH is in love with you, Kes.
EMH: That's not true! I love Seven of Nine!
Kes: (sigh) She hasn't come on the show, yet. Wait another season or 2.
EMH: There must be something with wrong with my holo-memory! Am I going to die?
Kes: No, you're going to learn opera and have daydreams.
Zimmerman: Kes, that violates the temporal prime directive.
EMH: Opera! Daydreams! Not bad for a Mark 1.

Neelix: Bones! If I mix some of these with my next batch of leola root stew, it might give it some extra tang.
Hogan: Looks like next week will be a replicator week.
Neelix: We're in the middle of nowhere. There are no replicators.
Hogan: And no leola roots.
Neelix: Bone stew it is!
Hogan: Ughhhh...
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