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Re: Drex Files is gone!

If you were into modeling (CGI or physical) his blog was a invaluable resource. Not to mention the little technical articles he wrote up for the NX-01 explaing this or that bit of tech.

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Wow. If this is permanent, it is a great loss for Trek tech fandom. I used to follow DrexFiles religiously. It would be absolutely horrible if it were dead due likely to nothing more than what seems to be an accidental misunderstanding.
I agree with you 100%. I have been going to Mr. Drexler's site for years and saved some of his Trek images for personal use, mainly for my desktop images.

He also had some incredible behind the scenes stories that were incredible. Like the story of a guy that came across the Enterprise TV show sets being destroyed and he tried to get a truck to pick them up but the person in charge had orders from "a high up CBS Exec" that hated Trek to have them destroyed.
This story was on Mr. Drexler's site, with pictures.

This truly was a incredible source of information that I hope can return along with the archived information.
Didn't John Eaves have a similar story/report on his blog? Seemed like Paramount/Viacom/CBS really wanted to send a message to the "Save Enteprise" people/Fans in general that Trek was dead, done, get over, it's buried.
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