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Re: Season THREE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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The only problem with this (and not a dig at your site, which I LOVE), is that you weren't critical on the work of season two until a bit after its release. You often posted about how people were rushing their complaints.

I am someone who isn't going to assume the new company is doing a poor job, but I also won't believe they are doing a good job also until we see footage to judge for ourselves.
Hmm, I take issue with that. Our full review (which was published almost two weeks before release) was very balanced and highlighted my criticisms of Season Two clearly.
SOrry I wasn't clear. I wasn't talking about your review (which I read after the release), but the posts you made when posters talked about the press release materials and the flaws that were easily noticed in them versus material from the previous set, and their press release materials.

I also must be confused about which poster was arguing with me, on my comments on the copy I got early from work. Which would have been at the time you were reviewing the release.

Several posts talk about not judging the press release materials, and that you expected the material to be top notch (even at the same time stating how you wish CBS digital was doing all season. THough in all fairness, I don't see anything of you praising the FX you saw, just stating that it should be good, and not to judge the press materials.
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