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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Anton Karidian AKA Kodos the Executioner.
B is for the Beta Aurigae colony.
C is for Captain Christopher Pike.
D is for Deneb II.
E is for Erections caused by Jeri Ryan.
F is for those fabulous Ferengi. With their interesting modification to the transporter that removes women's clothing.
G is for Gorlan Uprising in the Mirror Universe.
H is for holograms. Starfleet or otherwise. Causing problems everywhere.
I is for Ion storms. Don't use a transporter during one.
J is for Jim.
K is for Kodos the Executioner, the notorious governor of the Federation colony on Tarsus IV at the time of his brutal massacre of 2246.
L is for Leonard Nimoy.
M is for "Make it so.'
N is for Nyberrite Alliance.
O is for Operation: Annihilate!
P is for Pelleus star system.
Q is for quatloos. How many quatloos for the chick with the big blonde hair. I understand that she's real good at her "job".
R is for Romii, another name used for the Romulan twin planet of Remus.
S is for Spock's Brain.
T is for Terrell. Captain of the USS Reliant.
U is for United Federation of Planets.
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