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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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Read Action #19. Judging by this issue, I would've gladly stayed on for Andy Diggle. Aside from some of Morrison's issues, I haven't enjoyed reading a Superman book this much since the New 52. The scene with Lois and Clark at the beginning was great, Luthor's scene with the therapist was brilliantly creepy, and the actual plot was also quite intriguing. And to think Diggle would've given us a whole run, but thanks to editorial, he's already gone.

On that note, I still haven't figured out if Diggle is the writer of the following two issues, or if someone else will conclude the arc. I'd like to know if I can cancel my subscription now or if there's still two issues of Diggle's work to look forward to. Anybody know?!
I really liked Action #19 as well. Art and story were fine with me. Wished that Diggle would've stayed on as well. I picked up Batman #19, and thought it was just okay. They actually did fake me out for a moment. Totally forgot about that guy.

Batwoman #18 had a pretty good fight with Mr. Freeze, but I felt the issue was a bit of a waste. I felt it didn't do enough with the non-reveal at the end. It made the issue feel like filler to me.

Suicide Squad #19 was just decent. The story didn't have the punch. I think Glass has been fading for a while and I wonder how much of that is because he is leaving the book?

And I have been keeping up with Batwing. I liked David, but am intrigued enough to continue reading the adventures of the new man in the Batwing suit.
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