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Re: Bieber hopes Anne Frank would have been a fan

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Just look elsewhere in this thread for the answer to that one:

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He's an incredibly famous millionaire with 37 million followers on Twitter.
That's why.
That's not a valid answer.
Why not?

It's rare indeed to have that level of fame and NOT be self-absorbed. Fame tends to corrupt, just like power does.

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Anne Frank wouldn't have been killed in the Nazi occupation, she would have lived a normal, teenage girl's life.
And thus the question of whether she would have become a fan of Bieber's becomes irrelevant.

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now we get to harp on teenage pop idols and their millions of fans. Looks like we win.
Yes, we do win, especially when those pop idols make stupid comments like this.
"If the world was perfect, it wouldn't be." - Yogi Berra
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