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She just posted this on Facebook, she really is happy! The five roses are for each of my mom's five children.
Are you guys fighting about who is the biggest rose?

Naw, my sisters are too busy fighting about pretty much everything else in the universe, and I'm too busy being 3000 miles away, thank the lord.

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TSQ, your mom's tattoo is beautiful. I know you said she got it to cover an old tattoo and the roses represent her children, is there any more significance to the tattoo? Why she chose this one? Just wondering, the Mexican Sugar Skull is a very interesting choice.
I don't know why she chose it, and was actually surprised myself. In the past when she'd talked about getting the cover up she had mentioned a lot of things, but this never came up. I was expecting her to go with a turtle, which she'd talked about a lot in the past; she's Turtle Mountain Band Chippewa.

The key is a Pagan Nordic Key to Heaven, which she and I both wear on necklaces, and which is also incorporated, although in a more subtle way, into one of my tattoos.

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