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Didn't you say you got a different insuline? It's possible your body ignores it. Call your doc asap, please!
Oh, goodness no! Don't worry. 435 is not near high enough to call a doctor over -- Remember, I'm a type 1 diabetic. I've definitely been over 600 a few times and 400s happen a few times a year. I've been on this insulin for a few weeks now, and it's definitely working fine. The high was most likely due to the fact that I was sick with a stomach bug (also the reason I hadn't eaten), and possibly due to poor absorption at the infusion site (which I changed, just in case). I was just frustrated.

There is a second possibility, though much less likely: the liver can turn sugar into fat without the help of insuline. This fat is stored for emergencies when it's turned back into sugar again by the liver. Maybe you are too hungry and your liver started to use up the fat reserves. Your doc can test that by having a look at your Triglyceride levels. Triglyceride is the transport variety for fat. At your age the level shold be about 200 [mg/dl]. Given your diabetes 300 would still be not too bad. Anything beyond 400 would be alarming even for a diebetic, unless your family has a history of too high Triglyceride levels (hereditary Hypertriglyceridemia).
The process you're talking about is gluconeogenesis, and believe me, as a type 1 diabetic athlete I understand gluconeogenesis well! My blood sugar control is frustrated by gluconeogenesis more than anything else, especially during 3 hour or longer bike rides. When you're doing cardio that long, especially on a moderately low-carb diet, gluconeogenesis kicks in. It also is the cause of the Dawn Phenomenon, when diabetics' blood sugar is consistently high in the morning: the liver produces glucose in the early hours of the morning to prepare people for their days, which is fine, if you're not diabetic. And no worries about my triglycerides either. Aside from diabetes and low vitamin D I'm in perfect health. Gluconeogenesis was very likely a contributing factor to why I was running high, as well as cortisol, which, as a stress hormone, increases when you're sick. So I did know why it was high -- or at least the most likely culprits, it's just that when you take 2 units of insulin after reading 230, and an hour later you're reading 430, the only thing you can think is, "Serious, WTF?!"

Coincidentally, I just got my blood work done:

Total cholesterol:198
HDL(good): 94, which is ridiculously high because I workout so much
LDL(bad):104 (4 points above the ideal, but not worth worrying over)
Triglycerides: 60 -- were you saying 300???

The only things that came up were type 1 diabetes antibodies and low vitamin D. My A1C is 8, which isn't great but is to be expected during the first few months of adjusting to the pump. Remember, BIG difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes!

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