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Re: Blake's 7 given the go ahead by Syfy

So two questions:

For the new series, what do you want to see changed?

For the new series, what do you want to stay the same?

I know this is a contentious point but I'll raise it anyway:


Gan's limiter - I always hated the idea that this guy couldn't kill. It made him rather useless in certain situations, so this is one thing I'd like to see removed.

The Liberator's power banks - It's like the thing could drain it's own power so damn easily. I would like this to either be addressed or simply not mentioned at all.


The characters - OK, it's a basic one to request but I think the six humans and Zen were a great team, plus Servalan and Travis were a good double act as hunters. Guest stars which showed up pushing their own goals and interests rather than just be there to give the characters someone to talk to is essential.

The Federation - Keep them as bad ass as possible and make stuff happen on screen. The massacre which opened the original series was pretty mesmerizing and showed how tough they could be right from the start.

Blake's back story - Yes we've heard about the dead wife thing but I think it's important to show his background in either the military or as a dissident. Just having him go against the Federation because they murdered his wife is a bit of a stretch.
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