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Re: Morrisey: 'Margret Thatcher did not give a shit about people'

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^ Um, you realize that without her, or the much needed reforms, you'd be on par with Paraguay now? Thankfully, the UK now has a 7.8 percent unemployment rate. Greece has a 27 or 28 percent unemployment rate.

Great Britain was the sick man of Europe, and all of Europe was sick. France, Germany, and most of the rest of it were also suffering huge drops in per-capita GDP
I don't know about Germany, but France were as deep in it as we were, and managed to get to where France along with Germany are pretty much the dominant economic powers of Europe.

Without Thatcherism and ripping the heart, compassion and industrial infrastructure out of the country.

We don't make anything now. We are a nationwide call centre awaiting being outsourced to India...
We manufacture as much as France apparently, and frankly I wouldn't hold France up as a model of efficiency. Riven with strikes, high youth unemployment and in many respects crying out for the kind of radical reform the UK Hollande has recently proven than taxing the rich to high heaven doesn't actually work.

As for Germany, well the Germans live frugally, they don't earn as much as many other Europeans and don't get into as much debt, most haven't had a pay rise for many years...that'd go down a storm here wouldn't it!

As for call centres, I've worked in several, I've never been down t'pit but frankly I know which job I'd prefer!

Anyway this is interesting... FactCheck: the Thatcher myths and this isn't the Mail or the Telegraph or Fox News this is channel 4.

Not that it matters, people have been storing up vitriol for so many years that I don't think many of them care what's true (and I wouldn't deny a lot of it is) and what isn't.

I think the best verdict on Thatcher comes from Andrew Marr.

"She wanted to remoralize society, creating a nation whose Victorian values were expressed through secure marriages, self reliance and savings, restrain, good neighbourliness, hard work...Yet Thatcherism heralded an age of unparallelled consumption credit, show off wealth, quick bucks and sexual liberation.That is the thing about freedom. when you free people, you can never be sure what you are freeing them for."

I kinda suspect she wanted us to behave like the Germans!
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