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Re: Bieber hopes Anne Frank would have been a fan

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You're right. You must address the threat that is Justin Bieber. You must stop him before he signs any more historical guest books. Heaven help us if Thomas Jefferson becomes a belieber. Go! Don't wait for me here! You have a world to save from pop fandom! Let your voice ring from the mountaintops!
Thank you for trying to save me from myself with the magic of sarcasm.
Well, I am a magical being filled with mystery and wonder.
Like a Pinata? Can i whack you with a stick?

As to Bieber.. well, he'll be gone in a few years and be replaced by the next "cute" boy. One thing though is that i'm damn proud about those "inflexible" and "by the book" german customs officers who confiscated the monkey because of missing paperwork.

I'm proud of all officials who do something like that to anybody who thinks the rules don't apply to them.. maybe 99% don't learn anything from it but the 1% is still 1%.
"Chewie, we're home.."
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