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Re: NBA 2012-13 Discussion

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No, the Oklahoma City fans have been hoping for the Lakers even before Kobe's injury.
I said Pop and Scottie Brooks. Who cares what still-brand-new-to-the-NBA OKC fans think. Did you know that the Lakers and OKC have pretty near the same record since the All-Star break? Probably not. NBA history is littered with teams who have completely turned their seasons around after the break. As of last week I guarantee you, the Lakers were not a team any western team was "hoping" for, despite the way they may have felt earlier in the season and despite what they may be telling the media now.

The Lakers who were playing before Kobe's injury were not the same team you saw earlier in the season. As I said, you and the OKC fans are simply unaware.
Denver's given them fits this year.
Denver has given a lot of western tams fits this season. They are the one team most Lakers fans didn't want to see in the playoffs (not the Thunder, who some think we match up rather well against). I only agreed with (fear of Denver) to the extent that the Lakers aren't quite as strong this season, not because Denver is such an imposing team in the playoffs. Nuggs are built for the regular season, not the playoffs where you've got to have a couple of dogs who can score against anyone or get stops against anyone, not just a "deep" bench.

BTW, really looking forward to seeing "if", or how much the Thunder miss, or don't miss Mike Harden.
As far as me "not talking this crap before" in this thread, I haven't posted in months. I work nights now.
Oh, this is the only reason you haven't been posting stuff like this? I was actually giving you the benefit of the doubt and thinking you'd learned something from last season about the NBA season being a marathon and not a sprint.
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