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Re: Bieber hopes Anne Frank would have been a fan

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I don't see where he's supposed to be self absorbed. It's a fact that there are millions of average, everyday, teenage girls who adore Justin Bieber. So he wants to think that maybe she would have been a fan had the circumstances of her life been different. There's nothing wrong with that.
Had the circumstances of Anne Frank's life been different, she would not have been Anne Frank. That's the whole point, as I'm sure you'd agree. The very point of the Anne Frank story is that she was a perfectly normal young girl living in a completely abnormal era, and trivializing it by saying that she would have potentially been a Justin Bieber fan had she not been a victim of the Holocaust is missing the point to such a spectacular degree that it's just one piece of evidence to show that Justin Bieber is a very idiotic young man, no matter what kind of life he has lived.
I guess I don't see what he said as anything approaching bad. Sure, it's a bit out of place, but otherwise harmless. To me it's a lot of sturm and drang, signifying nothing.
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