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Re: Your latest purchases, cont.

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Hubby and I just bought the board game "Dominion". We haven't played games in ages and we're looking forward to starting again. We nearly bought "Munchkin Quest" which just looked like silly fun, but we decided to go with the game we had played recently with friends.

Anyone have any suggestions for board games that 2 (and more) can play?
A group of friends and I have been gathering and playing board games the first Sunday of every month for about two years now.

Some of our Favorites:

Pandemic: really fun and instead of competing, you work as a team.

Flash Point Fire Rescue: Similar to Pandemic, but you are fighting an advancing fire and rescuing people

A Ticket to Ride: You build a rail empire. This one took "Game of the Year" a few years back.

You will also want to check out an internet site called "Geek and Sundry" for ideas. One of the shows they have there is called "TableTop" and hosted by Wil Wheaton. They play and review board games.
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