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Re: Poll: 7x08 Cold War review and discussion

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The episode did what it said on the tin once again and entertained for the 50 mins it was on, fantastic cast, it got a top vote for the great job they did with the ice warrior and costume, top stuff all round.

I am still somewhat intrested by the Tardis not letting clara in, not seemily translating last week but working this week, and now this week moving by itself to get away from danger, now i wonder if Clara was actualy the danger the tardis was trying to get away from, and was the doctor testing this theory by fixing the auto thing that allowed this??

Or possibly i am simply reading too much into it all.

Anyway roll on next week.
Why are so many people making a blanket statement that The TARDIS wasn't translating last week? There must've been 20 different Species in last week's episode, and Clara/the audience understood everyone she interacted with, expect The Barking Lady. The Judoon have never been translated by the TARDIS. Apparently some Species just aren't worth translating in The TARDIS' opinion or maybe she's incapable of translating some
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