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Re: Is Batman crazy?

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Batman is wholesomely unrealistic character that would no make no impact in a real life urban city. Though I wonder what would happen if a person who had comic book Batman abilities were to exist in the real world(our world) and fight crime in a city like say Detroit, or New Orleans. Would he be successful?
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Yes, for about three days.

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He'd be killed shortly after the start of his career as a vigilante. Hardened criminals with big guns aren't going to be scared of a guy in a bat costume with clever gadgets. And it would be impossible for Batman to ensure that he wasn't actually killing the criminals he fought, especially while fighting a group of them at once while his own life was in danger.

He'd be killed by the bad guys, arrested as a vigilante, or injure himself too badly to go into action again. Or more than one of the above, most likely.
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