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What Scifi movies or tv shows will you show your children?

So i've been pondering this idea for sometime. I'm not married but i've been thinking about what iconic scifi shows or TV shows i'd like to show my future kids.

Back to the future and Star Wars are obviously my big two.

Robocop will probably be when they're older.

I'm wondering how i'll tackle the new series of Doctor since we're coming up on 8 years already. I'd like to show them a bit of Eccelston the some Tennant and all of Matt Smith's era

Question for those with kids already. How do you go through a season of a show when there's so many everyday distractions.

How long does it take to complete a season? I assume watching one episode a day would be like brainwashing IMO.

It just boggles my mind to wonder how some people can show their kids one entire season(22 episodes of Enterprise for example)

With kids these day's having shorter attention spans how do they watch a 45 minute episode?
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