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Re: Roddenberry's Worst Ideas

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For the first time, you might have just explained why 23-24th century humans were always so eager to colonize even when it was difficult or presented a danger.

Humans have all the food and basic needs and luxuries they could require, but they have to stay on earth to enjoy them.

The Federation doesn't prepare or support them to function in another society or place that requires currency, so basically they have to stay on earth.

Case in point; Jake Sisko wasn't able to purchase even the simplest item, because as a human he simply had no money.

Nog on the other hand, (who was the same age as Jake) could easily do it. Jake was helpless and had to rely on Nog to do anything that involved money.

And in many societies, that would include food, transportation, shelter, clothing, basic necessities.
That's good. Roddenberry's utopian 24th century humans, if they did represent canon ST, outsmarted themselves. They thought they were evolving beyond petty concerns but only succeeded in turning themselves into penniless serfs. And now they just want to escape.
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