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Re: Poll: 7x08 Cold War review and discussion

I really enjoyed this episode, I think more than the last two. Loved the claustrophobic Alien vibe as the "monster" was hunted throughout the sub, and the less-is-more aspect with regards to Skaldak until the not-bad CG reveal (his arms seemed a little too spindly compared to what his big head would suggest though).

The supporting cast was really good too, notably David Warner (in another water disaster situation!), Liam Cunningham (as the Soviet sub captain, his black & white beard wasn't the only call-back to The Hunt For Red October), and that guy who played Brutus in Rome & M's right hand in Casino Royale.

I thought the Ice Warrior himself looked pretty great, and I liked the OMG moment when Clara realized the armour was empty. The CG version of Skaldak wasn't perfect, but it was a lot better than the Gorn in that Enterprise episode. And while the happy-jokey ending seemed to want us to forget the mayhem & death that just transpired, I have to admit I chuckled when the Doctor asked if the captain could give them a lift to the south pole. Also, the Ice Warrior spaceship was pretty awesome.

Gave the episode a NIce Warrior. :
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