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Re: Brannon Braga: Not a Diane Carey Fan?

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I was going by how other people had described her later novelisations--if she actually liked the show, wouldn't she have been at least slightly more kind in her adaptations of other episodes? It's not as if the teleplay for "Flashback" is just that much better.
Really, it's generally not a good idea to speculate about another person's motives one way or the other. The only way to actually know is to ask them -- if, that is, they're inclined to answer.
This entire thread is speculation about another person's motives--we're all trying to infer someone's feelings based mostly on textual evidence and an interview with someone else.

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I haven't read any of her Voyager work, so I can't speak to how Fire Ship treats the characters.
"Fire Ship" is a Janeway solo story or, rather, Janeway as an underling on an alien ship, stranded far from her Voyager crew over a period of months. It's from the period between the change from the infamous "bun of steel" hairdo to the more casual look that Janeway had in later seasons and, as such, is a nice character arc. The other "Voyager" crewmembers are barely in it.
To me, that doesn't say much one way or the other about how Carey might feel about Voyager--she didn't so much write a "traditional" Voyager story set during the series as take its main character and transplant her to her own original setting.

I remembered that that novel "explains" the hairstyle change, though, and I do appreciate how that fits into the series. Maybe she was into the show around the third season, but became (extremely) disenchanted?
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