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Re: Intrepid Updates

Another scene pretty much done and dusted today. This one took longer than expected, and I found out we're missing a couple of lines I thought we had. Not a major problem, and the existing dialogue could probably be used if necessary. Either way, not enough to cause any major problems.

As it stands, I have three more scenes to finish up ADR on, two of those are pretty short, and the other is a longer expository scene. Thankfully, I'd mostly tackled these scenes a while back, so I'm hopefully it'll just be a bit of polish required. So while I'm not going to be done with it this weekend, I don't expect to be working on it more than a few more days.

Also did a little work on the blooper reel last night, although I tend to think these things are often funnier to the people in them, than the people watching.
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