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Re: Star Trek Online Team Adventures game

Hello again Scout101.

Forgive the delay in answering, but I'm really busy these days.

Although we currently disagree, I really appreciate your effort and interest on this debate.

I would point out that we are not amateurs, and myself, head of the project, already I'm old enough, and quite painstaking and thoughtful.

Obviously I can be wrong, and I can overlook things, but believe me, I have researched and thought about these issues.

Of course, my goal would be to remove any doubt so that even the most skeptical person would feel calm and encouraged to collaborate, but obviously it is difficult, especially in this early stage of production.

Regarding the chances of success in obtaining official license, over the years there have been cases of all kinds. Withdrawal orders, silent tolerance, implicit acceptances, and full licenses. The property of the license itself has evolved, so we could say now that even CBS is not the same as 10 years ago. This summary could be interesting.

Contrary to what may seem, there is a significant amount of official licenses for Star Trek products, and on the other hand, as there are many fan productions without any funding, and things like Star Trek Phase II (funded through direct donations), or Star Trek Renegades (funded via Kickstarter) I have some confidence that we could come to a good end in one way or another.

Attempting to summarize, I would say that, in the worst case we would find ourselves without an official license from Paramount / CBS, and having received a certain amount of money to cover production.

In this situation, there are several key issues, such as fair use and profit. There are also plenty of cases and a lot of historical literature and reference in this respect. In anticipation of this issue, we will keep invoice and documentation demonstrating that all expenditures are used in the production.
In any case, wish us good luck
However, again, if not licensed, we would continue with the project normally, as what it is, a production of fans, voluntary and free.

And if we do not get funding, we'll simply continue at our own pace, because the reason of this project is not the economic benefit (we already do other things for that) but to provide significant value to the Star Trek universe and share it with other fans.
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