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Re: Season THREE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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The truth is, however, we all are missing out because of the major HTV screwup.
The S2 VFX (ship shots, planets etc.) in majority are vastly sub par to the fantastic S1 (and so far looks like) S3 jobs.
And the reason is not because the original show is old and shots do not hold up, as evidenced by the same footage comparison between S1-S2-S3, but because HTV got greedy, lazy or incompetent.
Greedy? Lazy? Let's not exaggerate. HTV's work is a mixed bag. Some shots look very poor, others look as good as the work done by CBS-D. Overal, the VFX was lacking but it still a huge improvement over the SD versions. And let us not pretend that HTV were the only ones to blame. Dan Curry, the Okudas's and CBS all dropped the ball on that season for not keeping closer tabs on the work being done by HTV. My point is, the season still looks and sounds way better than it has even done and is well worth getting.

I no longer feel like there's Vaseline smeared on the camera lens when watching season two. That alone made it worth the purchase.
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