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Re: Poll: 7x08 Cold War review and discussion

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I've missed most of the second doctor's stuff sadly, a lot of it was lost over time, so its hard to find that era.

Very cool info

I am hoping he messes with the chameleon circuit again
That one does exist. First Troughton story I ever saw, back in 81.
There's a fan theory that the HADS are the wired-in version of the box the Doctor builds back in Web of Fear, to over-ride the Great Intelligence's hi-jacking of the TARDIS... Interesting that he's just turned it on again, if that was the case... :-)
So the GI did actually hijack the TARDIS?

I ask because we still don't know who/what hijacked it in The Big Bang, though I wonder why the GI would want to end the universe, if that was really the plan.
It snagged the TARDIS in space and tried to force it to land in an ambush. The Doctor rigged a device to shift the landing site a bit - hence the connection some fans make with the HADS...
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