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I had a fight with my neighbor this morning. I never meant to raise my voice to her, but she went on and on about how messy having books in a bookcase was. We have a reading nook at the corners of each wing, with a bookcase and books...she's been taking all the books out and putting them elsewhere in the building.

I brought a bunch of them back and she caught me doing it, so I told her not to remove them again and she got angry. I complained that all she left were a bunch of bibles ; she came back with they weren't hers but belonged to another I said that these books weren't hers either; they belonged to other tenants. Before you could spit, she was yelling at me about leaving a bunch of books in that bookcase, making it look messy, and I was telling her she was pretty arrogant to think she had the right to decide which books we should be allowed in the bookcase.

So it went from bad to worse and I'm probably going to get yelled at by management tomorrow when she goes to the office to complain about me.

Goodbye nice peaceful Sunday.
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