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Re: The Genesis Torpedo Should Have Tipped Over When Reliant Was Blast

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The one thing speaking against that is that Uhura was sending messages of "Prepare to be boarded" for several minutes before the subject of "You can't" arose. Why did Spock say nothing? Was he thinking that Kirk's parties could board the Reliant via shuttles, spacewalks or hard docking even though the transporters were out of the question? Or that Kirk was bluffing for some reason and it was not Spock's place to point out the weaknesses of the bluff?

Mind you, it would be advantageous to send Khan the standard Starfleet surrender ultimatum even if there were practical problems with it. Kirk should press his advantage, and asking the impossible from the defeated party is good psychology that asserts Kirk's dominance.

Timo Saloniemi
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...whether you could beam over...
Well, David Marcus clearly says "You can't".

Timo Saloniemi
I always took "You can't" as "You can't stop it".

It being Genesis. I've never read that line as you couldn't beam over.

I suppose you could take the line reading that way but I always assumed he was talking about turning it off. When David says "You can't" he means:

"We forgot to put an off switch on it"

That's how I understood David's line, is that once the Genesis device had been activated there was no way to stop it from detonating. As for being able to transport in the nebula. They might have been intending to use the Reliant's transporter pad as a receiving station. So using the Enterprises and Reliant's pads it acted like a pattern enhancer.
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